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Seattle Property Management Thoughts

Running an enterprise that manages residential property in Seattle the last twenty years has taught us everything we need to know about rental property management and how to do a great job managing your property in Seattle, whether your property investment is in Northgate, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond or West Seattle. We do residential property management and leasing in every King County neighborhood, leasing houses, apartments, and multifamily structures.

Whether your property is a single-family rental house, a condominium unit that you no longer live in, or a larger multifamily property, our team at Elevation Investment Management is ready to help you earn more income from your rental property.

The first time we meet most of our property management clients, there is usually a vacancy at a rental or investment property. Our clients are eager to start earning income from their rental property and often worried about meeting prospects in person due to COVID-19, complying with Seattle’s ever-changing laws, finding and screening reliable tenants, or finding a good lease form.

One recent, very sophisticated client with a beautiful rental house in Magnolia said “I really appreciate your excellent help… having you handle this is quite something.” We love getting responses like that from our clients, we take this feedback of a sign that we are well on our way to being the best Seattle property manager. This client had been netting less than $5,000/month and we were able to secure a great family as a tenant who pays over $6,000/month.

We didn’t set out to change how residential property management works in Seattle, but we are beginning to see that we are changing clients’ expectations. Why try to manage your Seattle rental property yourself when you can hire someone from Elevation to help you achieve a higher rent with less downtime and no hassles?

We will consult with you on small, economically efficient upgrades or changes that you may not have noticed, as small as an electrical wall plate for $0.79 all the way up to large upgrades and renovations which we can help coordinate in a timely manner. Then we will take photos and discuss with you where we will market your property. We use several networks of websites; every listing will be shown to thousands of people searching for housing.

A well-marketed property should have two prospects tour within a week and we usually have properties leased with deposits paid within two weeks. Some owners want to maximize their rent dollars and we are happy to accommodate your wishes. Our goal is to find YOU the right tenant and to find tenants the right properties.

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